Why You Should Consider Renting Self-Storage Units During Divorce


Divorce and separation are tough on all parties involved. You have to think about finances, kids, and life after your divorce. Like most separated couples, you will choose to move into separate homes. 

This often means that you'll have tons of belongings to sort through but little time to do so. That's why you should consider renting self-storage units. The benefits of self-storage units include the following.

Neutral Ground 

The place you used to call home has so many memories of fights, heated arguments, and your life together. If you choose to divide your belongings while there, it will likely end up with one person strong-arming the other. 

Also, using your home as the base could create tension, which could lead to arguments and fights over the division of belongings. With a storage unit, you can put your belongings in a temporary storage unit as you decide how to divide everything. 


As you move on with your new life, some privacy and temporary safekeeping would come in handy. Since you're moving to a new home, it's time to start considering your privacy. Also, a self-storage unit will offer you the security and privacy you need to store your belongings before you figure out what to do next. 

Ideal for Downsizing 

As you start your new chapter, you'll need to decide what to keep, throw away, or sell. You can place your belongings in self-storage units before you and your ex-spouse decide how to split them. 

If you're moving to a smaller house, a self-storage unit will ensure that your new home isn't cluttered. The units can also be useful if you intend on selling your matrimonial home. This will prevent your new home from looking like a chaotic storm of unpacked boxes. 

Secure Storage for Paperwork 

During a divorce, most couples tend to safeguard their paperwork and other important items. If these papers are damaged or destroyed, you may have a hard time replacing them. This is why self-storage units have become the go-to space for temporary secure storage. If you want long-term storage, you can always get a longer lease. 

Improve Your Peace of Mind 

Making frequent trips to your old home can affect your mental health. Since you need to move your belongings, you'll have to make several trips to the property. These visits can trigger memories of your old life, all the good and bad times you had. 

You'll struggle to move on and with your new life. Fortunately, with a self-storage unit, you can pack all your things into the unit and avoid going back to your matrimonial home. 

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19 October 2021

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