4 Pieces Of Equipment Necessary For Moving Furniture


One of the hardest things to move in your home is furniture. Furniture is large and bulky and not easy to move around. That is why you will want to have the right equipment and tools on hand to assist with moving your furniture.

1. Moving Blankets

You are going to want to get some moving blankets. Moving blankets are large, stiffer blankets designed to protect the edges of your furniture as you move. You can wrap the moving blankets around your furniture. Moving blanks help to protect the edges of the furniture from getting banged up during the moving process. You will want to use plastic wrap and tape to secure the moving blankets in place and ensure they don't move around. It is better to purchase or rent enough moving blankets to protect each piece of furniture that you have.

2. Moving Straps 

Next, you are going to need moving straps. Moving straps are used to help you lift heavy items. They are designed to allow you to lower the center of gravity for the item you are moving. For example, moving straps allow you to move furniture without putting too much stress on your back and arms. You will want to have a set of moving straps for each person who is helping you move. You should have an extra set on hand as well.

3. Furniture Sliders

Furniture sliders are great for moving around furniture. They are pads that are usually made from a material such as foam or rubber that makes it easier to slide furniture around. With a furniture slider, you have to get the slider under the foot of the furniture so you can move it around. Furniture sliders are great for moving furniture within your home. 

4. Furniture Dolly

If you need to move furniture, you are going to want a furniture dolly. Furniture dollies come in two different configurations: a four-wheel square platform with a handle or a two-wheel hand truck. With a furniture dolly, you need one person to steer the dolly and one to two people to ensure the furniture stays balanced on the dolly. 

If you need help moving your furniture inside your home or moving your furniture from your old home to a new home, you can hire a furniture moving service to assist you. They will have all the right tools and training to safely move your furniture without damaging it or themselves while moving your furniture.


12 May 2021

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