How Protecting Carpet And Floors During A Move


Moving is risky not only because it can damage your items and cause you injuries, but also because it can damage the home you are vacating. The flooring, for example, is one part of the house that can suffer scratches, tears, or even cracks depending on the material you have. Fortunately, you can preserve your floor by taking the following precautions when moving.

Don't Drag Things along the Floor

There is nothing that will damage your floor as much as dragging heavy items on it. Furniture pieces or heavy appliances such as fridges can cause serious damage to your carpet or flooring. The small or light items you can carry; the heavier ones need moving equipment that prevents them from being dragged along the floor.

Use Furniture Sliders for Heavy Things

If it is the furniture-related damage you are worried about, then you should use furniture sliders to prevent the damage. Don't forget to use high-quality sliders that won't get damaged during the move. Ideally, they should be made from plastic and rubber for maximum protection. Using sliders may extend the moving period because you have to insert a slider under each furniture leg, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Use Rubber Wheel Dollies

If you are using dollies, and you should if you don't want to get injured or damage your heavy items, then their wheels should be made from rubber. Rubber is gentle on most materials and won't damage your flooring, regardless of its material.

Cover Up the Floor with Protective Material

Another great tip is to place protective materials on the floor so that your heavy items don't impact the flooring materials directly. Some of the covering materials you can use include doormats, pieces of cardboard, old rugs and blankets, and even dedicated floor materials specifically made for the purpose. You need substantial covering materials since you need to cover up each section of the floor to prevent damage.

Let Everyone Wear the Right Shoes

Lastly, you should have everyone wear the right shoes during the moving period. Make sure your helpers adhere to your instructions, especially if you have a few friends or family members helping you. You don't have to worry about professional movers since this is their daily job and they know what to do.

Hopefully, the tips above will help you avoid any form of floor damage when moving. Of course, hiring a professional moving company will also help you prevent floor damage when moving. Contact a company like Pikes Peak Moving & Storage for more information. 


5 August 2018

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