Moving for Less: 3 Simple Moving Tips That Will Help You Save Money


When you're feeling stressed about moving, find comfort in the fact that you're not alone. Each year, 45 million Americans relocate to another home. Moving can be rather costly depending on the size of your household. If you're looking to save as much money as possible while getting the job done, here are 3 tips that you should highly consider implementing.

Reuse Gently Used Cardboard Boxes

In most cases, you'll need at least 60 cardboard boxes to prepare for a move. Fortunately, most corrugated cardboard moving boxes can be used at least 3 to 10 times before they become structurally unsound. Reuse any spare cardboard boxes you might have lying around in your home. You can also go around to local stores to see if they have any cardboard boxes that they are willing to toss your way. Just make sure that the cardboard is relatively thick and durable to ensure that it can comfortably support your belongings.

Be Creative with Packing Supplies

Most people tend to leave the heavy lifting to the professional movers and will try to do most of the lighter packing themselves to save time and money. While most moving services are more than happy to help you pack and will provide packing supplies, you'll save some money if you do the packing yourself and get creative. Use items that you already own as packing supplies. Instead of using styrofoam peanuts, you can crunch up old newspapers or use socks and towels as padding. If you prefer using packing supplies that are considered to be more creative, let the professional movers know, so they can determine whether the boxes are being packed properly.  

Weight Is Money

Keep in mind that weight is money when it comes to moving. The rate charged by the professional movers will be heavily influenced by the total weight that is loaded into the moving truck. To save money, be picky with what you decide to move and bring to your new home. If you're probably not going to need it, toss it or donate it instead of asking the movers to load it onto the truck.

Relocating to another home can be rather costly when you add up the fees for everything that is involved. Fortunately, there are many ways that you can save money without compromising how smoothly and quickly you'll be able to pack up and move. To learn more, contact services like Affordable Transfer Co Inc.


17 May 2017

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Hell, my name is Damian Daniels. My career forces me to move constantly, often all across the world. I have had more three-month-long leases than I can count. Because of all the moving I have had to do, I have really gotten it down to a fine art. Moving is almost like breathing to me and I can do it at the drop of the hat. So I decided that my knowledge and experience might be useful to someone else, so i decided to create a blog that is dedicated to moving and storage. I hope that we continue to learn and grow together and make the world our home.